Breast mammoplasty

Now any woman can easily correct any flaws in her body. And you can even fix her chest. It can be reduced, increased, strengthened. This is done using a plastic surgery called mammoplasty.

marking before mammoplasty

What is mammoplasty

This is a plastic surgery in which a doctor corrects the appearance of a patient's breasts. During the operation, the doctor changes the contour and shape of the nipples, the volume and areola of the mammary glands.

Why is mammoplasty surgery so attractive to most women?

Its positive qualities are as follows:

  • get rid of all the defects that her body has;
  • become much more attractive, improve self-esteem, personal life, career;
  • get rid of her annoying big breasts;
  • have surgery and don't be afraid that she will no longer be able to breastfeed. With submammary or axillary incisions, the mammary glands are not damaged in any way
  • do not undergo plastic surgery after breastfeeding a second time. Implanted implants help maintain normal breast size even after breastfeeding.

Causes and indications

sagging breasts are an indication for surgery

Mammoplasty is performed on a woman for medical and aesthetic reasons.

It is performed when:

  • breast atrophy. During lactation, a woman's mammary glands are changed, plastic surgery will help correct them;
  • small breast size. Some women start taking hormones to enlarge their breasts. But with their help, it is simply unrealistic to achieve the desired effect. And if the effect occurs, then it is temporary. Then the woman will have to undergo plastic surgery;
  • mastoptosis. During this time, the female breasts sag noticeably. This usually occurs in women who have been breastfeeding for a long time. And even such a prolapse can occur in a woman with age. Here mammoplasty will help not only to tighten the mammary glands, but also to increase their size;
  • reconstruction. Here mammoplasty helps restore breast shape for women who have undergone an operation to remove tumors from the mammary glands;
  • breast size too large. Surprisingly, some women suffer from very large breasts. They are doing their best to reduce its size. In this case, mammoplasty for these women becomes a real salvation. During the operation, the woman removes excess glandular and fatty tissue. Also, during the operation, the doctor lifts the breast and slightly corrects its shape.

Types, methods and principles of mammoplasty surgery

Mammoplasty is divided into several main types.

A woman is performed:

  1. Augmentation plastic. During her, the doctor inserts implants into the woman's body, which increase the size of the breasts. In addition, the implant is selected based on the shape and material used. Typically, women with flat breasts get a teardrop-shaped implant, while women with large breasts get a round implant. But the choice remains with the specialist. In addition, the cuts in this case are made in two different ways. They are made: under the breast; armpits; in the areola of the nipple. Do not forget that the structure of the plant can also be different. It can be structured or superficial. When a structured implant is placed, the risk of displacement is reduced. Furthermore, the implant can be of different projection and diameter.
  2. Breast reduction. With such an operation, the size of the woman's breast is reduced, its shape changes, but the mammary glands remain. The operation is performed: anchoring. This operation is performed on women with very large breasts; vertically. This operation is performed on women with an average breast size. Scars after such operations also remain different. In general, such an operation improves the appearance of the breast, relieves the lady from the complexes.
  3. Lipolifting. With such an operation, the size of a woman's breasts increases. During the operation, some fat cells are taken from her with the help of special devices. Then they are cleaned, injected in the right place. But she remembers that the result does not come immediately, but comes with time. Also, it can come in 2-3 months. Only during this time do new cells take root in the body. But to achieve a greater effect, a woman will have to repeat the whole procedure several times.
  4. Mastopexy. With this procedure, the woman's breasts are slightly strained. Thanks to this, she acquires a very beautiful appearance. Also, with this procedure, you can slightly change the shape of the mammary glands.
  5. Reconstructive mammoplasty. This procedure helps restore the appearance of the breast. Recovery is carried out with the introduction of silicone implants into the woman's body. And with the help of this procedure, you can restore the shape of the mammary glands. For this, some fat is taken from the woman. They take it from the buttocks, from the back. Also, this procedure is performed to restore the shape of the nipples. In addition, the restoration is performed with the help of fat cells taken from the lady's lips. Often, women replace this plastic procedure with an ordinary tattoo.
  6. Endoscopic mammoplasty. This procedure is based on the introduction of implants into the woman's body. The procedure is performed using an endoscope. Recovery after such an operation is very fast.

Correction of nipples and areolas. This is a surgical operation required by both men and women. With the help of her, you can change the shape of the nipple and the diameter of the areola.

Preparation for mammoplasty

Before the procedure, the lady should consult with her doctor and take the necessary tests.

You will need to: donate blood and urine for testing.


  • a general blood test helps determine the blood group, Rh factor;
  • a biochemical and clinical blood test helps determine the level of ESR, hemoglobin, leukocytes, erythrocytes, inorganic substances, trace elements, amino acids. All indicators should be normal. If a woman has low hemoglobin or red blood cells, this indicates that she has anemia. A high level of leukocytes and ESR indicates the development of inflammation and infection in the body. Operation in this case is strictly prohibited;
  • according to a general blood test, the doctor uses special markers to determine the presence of HIV, hepatitis B, C, syphilis in the body;
  • according to a general blood test, the doctor determines the level of her coagulability. This prevents the patient from developing thrombosis, heart attack;

Also, a woman needs to do an ultrasound of the breast, an electrocardiogram. She helps to evaluate the work of the heart, to know the heart rate, the electrical activity and to identify the irregularities in her work.

So it is necessary to donate blood for other diagnostic tests. Such studies will help reveal hidden diseases.

For example, from blood it is determined:

  • immunoglobulin level. It shows the stability of immunity, eliminates the risk of a woman's allergy to substances introduced into her body, and also reduces the risk of postoperative complications. For example, inflammation, suppuration, scarring;
  • the patient's hormonal background.

In addition, the woman must take a pregnancy test. If she is pregnant, she will not be operated on. the drugs used for anesthesia and subsequent tissue regeneration negatively affect the health of the unborn child. And the intervention in the mammary glands can lead to the fact that the woman will not be able to feed.

Additionally, the patient will need to be tested for tumor markers. Determines the percentage of implant rejection.

A woman must pass all tests before the operation. So the risk of complications from her will be minimal.

You also need to visit some doctors.

To visit:

  • therapist;
  • mammologist;
  • gynecologist;
  • dentist.

Additionally, you also need to prepare your body for surgery:

  1. 2 weeks before the date of the operation, stop taking drugs containing salicylates, stop taking hormonal contraceptives, blood thinners.
  2. Improve your lifestyle 1 week before the operation. It is best to forget about bad habits right now. Smoking has a negative effect on a woman's appearance. And if a woman smokes after the operation, then her rehabilitation period will be significantly delayed. Smoking also has a negative effect on blood flow. In women who smoke, after the operation, the sutures may separate and the implant may not take root at all. It is also recommended to give up alcoholic beverages 1 week before the operation.

In addition, it will not be superfluous to read various publications on this topic, talk to a psychologist, read reviews of other women.

During the operation, the main thing is not to be afraid, to tune in to the positive.

But the planned operation could be postponed.

It is postponed if the lady:

  • prevails in a depressed or depressed state;
  • you are experiencing severe stress or difficult experiences;
  • you have menstrual pains;
  • she suffers from a severe cold.

Before the operation, it is necessary to determine the size of the breast.

A doctor should help with this problem.

  1. Perform 3D breast modeling on a computer. Then the lady will immediately understand how she will change her breasts after the surgery and what shape she will have.
  2. Offer the woman several trial swabs of different sizes.

And the choice of a doctor also depends on:

  • chest width;
  • the initial volume of the mammary glands;
  • breast shape;
  • type of figure of a woman;
  • skin elasticity;
  • height and weight of the patient.

Immediately before the operation it is necessary:

  • to take a shower;
  • shave your armpits. But this must be done very carefully, because the surface of the skin is very thin and is easily damaged.

Do not epilate before the operation. It is also not recommended to use deodorants and perfumes.

Stages of mammoplasty

If a woman has passed all the tests, she is mentally prepared, she can perform the operation. First, the lady, together with the doctor, must decide what type of anesthesia will be given to her. General anesthesia is usually given. And if the woman cannot enter, the woman is injected with local anesthesia with internal sedation.

The technology of the operation depends on what the doctor does: it enlarges the mammary glands, reduces them, restores them or tightens them.

If the doctor increases the size of the woman's breasts, an incision is made in:

  • armpit;
  • along the border of the areola;
  • under the breast.
types of mammoplasty incisions

During the operation, the doctor separates the skin, creates a small pocket behind the breast muscle or tissue. Then he inserts an implant into it.

Breast reduction is done in several ways:

  1. Periareolar, where an incision is made along the edge of the pigment. Also, with vertical reduction plastics, the suture is performed from the areola downward.
  2. The doctor makes a point in the form of an inverted "T", I. E. the incision is made by descending from the areola and falling back into the fold. In this case, the lady gets a small breast lift, but only if she has a large amount of tissue and fat. After such an operation, it will be difficult for a woman to establish breastfeeding. And then it can be adjusted only after consulting a doctor.

During breast lift, implants are introduced to the patient, but you can do without them. For example, if a woman is not satisfied with the size of her breasts, implants are inserted. And if the size fits, you don't need to put them in.

In addition, breast lift is also divided into several main types. The type depends on the type of incision.

A woman can spend:

  • mastopexy anchoring;
  • periareal;
  • adjust the size and make a crescent cut.

Usually, a woman undergoes several types of procedures. Doctors skillfully combine mastopexy with augmentation plastics, correction of reduction with correction of the shape of the areola and nipple.

In general, the whole operation takes from 30 minutes to 1. 5 hours.

Contraindications and complications

chest pain after mammoplasty

Mammoplasty is a very useful procedure that not all patients can perform.

For example, it is prohibited if:

  • under the age of 18;
  • with an acute form of a chronic disease;
  • who were breastfeeding less than 6 months ago;
  • with mental disorders;
  • have neoplasms localized in the mammary glands.

But if a woman does not take these requirements into account, she will have complications.

She has:

  • fibrous contracture may develop;
  • implants can shift or break.

And even if a woman did not take into account all the recommendations of the doctor, the result obtained may be in sharp disagreement with her ideas.

If a woman has any unpleasant symptoms after the operation, she should see her doctor immediately.

Rehabilitation after mammoplasty

This period is considered very important. The length of this period and the risk of side effects in the woman depends on how the woman will follow all the doctor's recommendations.

Usually, the recovery period after mammoplasty lasts 2 months. The shape of the breasts can change over the course of a year. Complete implants take 6 months to take root.

Conditionally, all rehabilitation is divided into two main periods.

This is the period:

  1. Postoperative. During this period, the lady must strictly follow all the prescriptions of the doctor. This period lasts 1 month.
  2. Recovery. During this period, the muscles of the chest and muscles of the upper shoulder girdle are restored. Here the lady can do physical exercises and medical gymnastics. But only after consulting a doctor.
rehabilitation period after breast augmentation

Patient recovery period by day:

Recovery day

What is happening


During this time, the lady is under medical supervision. They will help avoid complications, monitor the patient's withdrawal process from anesthesia.

In the first few days after surgery, a woman may experience severe pain. During this time, doctors can give her anesthetic, antipyretic. Also, she is prescribed antibiotics. They stop the inflammatory and purulent process.

In the first few days after the operation, the lady should not go to bed. She can only sit or lie in a reclined position.

By the end of the day, the lady can get up, walk around.

You can drink 3 hours after the operation and eat something 5 hours after the operation. If she is thirsty, she can moisten her lips with a cotton ball filled with water.


The doctor examines the patient. She removes the drainage, prescribes a dressing. If a woman feels well, she is allowed to go home.


Here, the lady is already undergoing rehabilitation at home. She shouldn't be physically overloaded, but she can undertake moderate walking.


The lady visits the clinic again, where the doctor visits her, gives advice.


The lady can go back to her previous life. But she still needs to give up physical activity, sports and lifting heavy objects.

12 °

The lady visits the clinic again, where the doctor performs her last examination and gives her the final instructions.

Remember: the next time the lady has to come to the clinic 6 weeks after the operation.

After 1, 5-2 weeks, the lady can do the housework. After 1 month, the lady has the right to return to sports, but she must consult her doctor before her.

At home, a lady must fulfill all the doctor's prescriptions.

Within 1 week of the operation, you shouldn't:

  • lying down or sleeping on your stomach;
  • she raises her arms above shoulder level;
  • lifting objects weighing more than 1 kg;
  • making sudden movements with the hands or with the whole body;
  • tilts your torso strongly and stretches down.

Remember: For the first 2 weeks, a woman shouldn't drive or have sex with her sexual partner. The first year after the operation, you need to use contraceptives.

Remember: a woman can actively play sports 1 month after the operation.

During the entire rehabilitation period, you should not:

  • admitting stressful situations, prolonged depression, nervous tension, experiences;
  • follow a too strict diet.

A lady should be especially careful about what she eats and drinks.

He should not drink a lot of liquids, alcoholic beverages, smoke, eat sweet, salty, spicy, fried and fatty foods.

Remember: 1 year after the operation, a woman should not go to the sauna, solarium, steam room, bask in the open sun or take a very hot bath.

Many women are wondering how to take care of a new breast?

Remember, the first time after surgery, your breasts will be painful and swollen. Hematomas and bruises can form on the mammary glands. After 2-3 weeks, these unpleasant symptoms should disappear.

In the first month after the operation, the woman's breasts may be swollen. This is also normal and shouldn't be intimidated.

Remember: if a woman is worried about strong painful sensations in the chest, then she should immediately consult a doctor.

For the first 2 months, the woman's torso will be lifted unnaturally. This is also normal. After 2 months, the implants should sink and the breasts should be of normal size.

Remember: the first 2 years after surgery, the tenderness of the breasts, nipples and nipples can be reduced.Also, sensitivity can be completely or temporarily lost. These feelings are normal. They will pass in 2-3 days. Some women feel burning, irritation, pain in this area. This is also normal, but only in the first few days after surgery.

Particular attention should be paid to the processing of seams. First, they are covered with a bandage. This helps prevent infection from entering the wound and protects it from external negative factors. During the examination, the doctor removes the bandage and changes it. At the same time, he treats the seams with an antiseptic.

Remember: the bandage can not be wet, removed by yourself. For the first 4 days, a woman can only wash the lower body.

After 2 weeks, the bandage is removed. Now the lady has to process the seams herself. If self-absorbing threads were used during the operation, it is not necessary to remove them. those. they will leave the body alone.

Remember: the dry crust formed at the suture site cannot be torn off. It should fall by itself.

If the spots are red, bleeding, sore, visible, and painful, the woman should seek the advice of a doctor.

During the recovery period, a woman may be prescribed antibiotics.

In addition, you may be assigned:

  1. Antiseptics. They are applied to the incision site.
  2. Healing ointments. They are applied to the skin 4 weeks after the operation. They accelerate the wound healing process.
  3. Patches. Sometimes doctors advise the patient to apply healing patches to the suture. They accelerate the healing process of damaged skin.

Also, the first 2 months after the operation, the woman should wear compression underwear.

The first month is worn for one day. You can't take it off at night.

From the 2nd month, underwear is worn during the day and removed at night.

Remember: special underwear must be worn for 1-2 months. Sometimes it needs to be applied for 3-4 months. Classic underwear can be worn after 1 year.

Mammoplasty is a procedure that should be performed only after consulting a doctor and with strict adherence to all recommendations. So the result will delight you for many years.

Photos before and after surgery

photos before and after mammoplasty

Cost of breast mammoplasty surgery

Cosmetic breast surgery is one of the most common operations today. At least one million of these surgeries are performed every year. Surgeons around the world have gathered enough experience to perform mammoplasty at the highest level.

The cost of mammoplasty depends on the type of correction and the materials used.