How to enlarge the breast without surgery: enlargement methods without implants and scars

Many women have small breasts and some dream of being curvy. It is not for nothing that mammoplasty has become the most popular operation in plastic surgery. But the high cost of the procedure, the risk of serious complications and individual contraindications are a "stopper". So girls look for information on how to enlarge breasts without surgery.

large breast size after augmentation

There are many ways, but among them there are both mostly useless and dangerous ones. Therefore, among all the known, it is worth choosing the most harmless, so as not to harm health.

Because the breasts don't grow

The bust is formed before the girl reaches the age of 17-18, small changes are possible up to 25 years. The period of pregnancy and lactation has exceptions. The mammary glands at this time swell and become 1-2 size larger, after the end of lactation, the breast returns to its previous size. In some cases, the appearance of the bust becomes unattractive due to the reduced elasticity and stretching of the skin.

Before trying to enlarge breasts without plastic surgery, you should find out the reason for the stunted growth of the mammary glands. There aren't that many:

  • Genetic predisposition. If female relatives do not have magnificent forms, then you should not expect exceptions in your case.
  • Injury. Violation of the integrity of the glandular tissue can cause the cessation of breast growth.
  • Influence of the ecological environment. This indicator changes the work of all systems of the body, including the growth of the bust.
  • Great sportsman. During professional training, the girl's chest muscles are strongly developed, and the volume of fatty tissue decreases.
  • Lack of subcutaneous fat. This is the problem with skinny girls.
  • Lack of vitamins. The body activates the protective function and inhibits the growth of tissues that are not so important for life support.
  • Low amount of estrogen. The hormone directly affects the manifestation of all female characteristics.

You can only make assumptions yourself, but in order for silicone-free breast augmentation to bring results, you need to undergo an examination and find out the exact reason.

Is it possible to enlarge the breasts without surgery?

Each woman's body is individual, as is her concept of ideal body proportions and surgery:

  • for some, with a 1st natural breast size, an increase to the 2nd is enough, for others only - the 4th;
  • some consider an operation to cut tissues under anesthesia, others - and subcutaneous injections;
  • some will be satisfied with just the visual splendor, others need a real breast augmentation, but without surgery.

With small demands, you can achieve the desired result using traditional methods, adjusting the diet, giving a certain physical load to the muscles. A quick method of breast augmentation without implants is also possible: lipofilling. It is usually performed simultaneously with liposuction, removing fat cells from problem areas and injecting them into the breast area. An unpleasant consequence of the procedure can be the migration of lipids, which causes the distortion of the shape of the breast, the formation of dense lumps and suppuration.

Non-surgical breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid

The new technique involves the injection of hyaluronic gel. The drug is evenly distributed in the tissues of the breast, providing a visual effect as after the endoprosthesis.

The advantage of the procedure is the simultaneous renewal of skin cells, increasing their elasticity and firmness. As a result, the breasts not only increase by 1-2 sizes, but also increase.

Negative nuance is an urgent action. For 6-8 months, the gel is absorbed by the cells of the body and excreted by the metabolism. This method of breast augmentation occurs without incisions, is not dangerous and can be done repeatedly.

hyaluronic acid for breast enlargement

How to enlarge breasts without surgery: home methods

It is necessary to wisely achieve the growth of the mammary glands independently, without trusting advertising and praiseworthy reviews. Before rubbing any product on the skin, you need to make sure there are no side effects. And before active physical activity, you should consult with a fitness instructor.

The main ways to enlarge the mammary glands without surgery at home:

Creams and gels

The undoubted advantage of funds is their simple application, and there are many other disadvantages:

  • The active ingredients contain hormones and allergens. Upon contact with the skin and absorption, they cause congestion and swelling. As a result, the breasts swell.
  • The need for constant use. The effect of a course is short-term.
  • The chest becomes sensitive, there is discomfort when touching and even coming into contact with clothes.

Special creams and serums are recognized as the most popular products. An alternative to expensive drugs are cosmetic oils with phytoestrogens: wheat germ, linseed, soy, olive, coconut, cocoa, camphor, fennel. After their long-term use, the skin becomes firm and tight.

When applying funds, do not touch the nipples and the surrounding area.

Hormonal drugs

The hormone estrogen can restore breast growth. Its analog is a natural phytoestrogen. If taken correctly, they restore metabolic processes and reduce the risk of tumor formation. But in this case, the bust will not become more magnificent.

Overdose causes serious side effects, including uncontrolled weight gain, malignant neoplasms.


The procedure is aimed at increasing the elasticity of the skin and improving blood circulation. The chest will not grow from this, but it will become more elastic and lifted.

The procedure should be done by a massage therapist. An alternative is self-massage:

  1. Stroke circular with the palms around the nipples.
  2. Sliding movements from the intertoracic crease to the notch between the collarbones and vice versa.
  3. Make rubbing movements with the edge of the palm along the same "path".
  4. Raise the chest with one hand, with the other make light tapping from below.

All movements must be repeated 8 times, the procedure must be done twice a day.

massage table for breast augmentation massage


Changing the menu is the surest way to deal with a woman's underweight or overweight problem. With food, the body receives natural phytoestrogens in the right amount. The main product is cabbage (not for nothing we hear it). The advantage of a vegetable is its high nutritional value and low calorie content. Equally suitable products:

  • Peanuts. They can be mixed with honey, add lemon juice, if there is no allergy.
  • Cereals. It is better to cook porridge in milk.
  • Carrots, garlic.
  • Pomegranates, dates.
  • Peas, beans, lentils. Legumes are difficult to digest and have a high calorie content, so it is enough to cook dishes from them 2 times a week.
  • Sour cream, kefir, yogurt.

It is especially important to diet with these products in adolescence, when the mammary glands are actively growing.

Exercises and simulators

Exercise helps strengthen the chest and back muscles and reduces the risk of breast sagging. But not all physical activities provide a positive result, only those that develop the "right" tissues: Cooper's ligaments and the muscle under the mammary gland. What do we have to do?

  1. Do push-ups from the floor or bench.
  2. Bring your elbows to the sides, bring your palms together as if in prayer (forearms should be parallel to the floor) and squeeze tightly.
  3. Grab the elbows of the opposite hand with your hands and try to squeeze them. In this case, you need to feel how the pectoral muscles are strained.
  4. Take the dumbbells (up to 2 kg), put your feet shoulder-width apart and bend them slightly. Make movements with your hands like in skiing.

Each exercise should be performed 30 times, and the whole complex, if possible, several times a day. This is the perfect way to lift your breasts safely.

The simulators can be used in the gym or at home. Such equipment can be aimed specifically at training the pectoral muscles or general action. In the second case, a special set of exercises is required to ensure the correct load. It is better if the instructor composes it.

While training with a personal trainer, professional control and load adjustment over time is provided.

Non-surgical breast augmentation: folk remedies

Recipes of traditional medicine should be treated with caution. It is important to first analyze what harm the procedure can bring and then think about its possible benefits. Otherwise, breast augmentation without surgery may be completely ineffective or even exacerbate the woman's health.

The most harmless ways:

  1. Insist and strain a decoction of oregano leaves and strawberries. It is worth taking twice a day for 1 glass, adding 2 tablespoons of milk. The course is 3 months, but it can be extended, because if the remedy does not cause breast growth, the body will certainly provide vitamins.
  2. Dilute the ginseng tincture with warm water in a 1: 2 ratio and cleanse the breasts twice a day. If redness is noticeable, itching will appear, you can not continue the course.
  3. Draw the net with an iodine-soaked cotton ball. In case of individual intolerance, the drug can cause burns.
  4. Perform the procedure with a contrast shower in a circular motion around the nipple. The duration of the procedure is 5 minutes. Then it is necessary to rub the torso with a terry towel and treat with cosmetic oil with phytoestrogens.

You can find tips for taking a decoction of hops. The plant is poisonous and the wrong dosage will cause poisoning.

contrast shower for breast enlargement

Visual breast augmentation

For those who are skeptical of all methods of breast augmentation without surgery, but want to give the bust a radiance, a simple "optical illusion" is suitable:

  • Wear single or double push-up underwear.
  • Breast makeup. With an open neckline, blend the area above the breasts down to the Y-shaped interthoracic crease with a bronzer (no more than 2 tones of darker skin color). Use the concealer to lighten the upper chest area that protrudes on the clothes. Blend the edge.
  • The right wardrobe and accessories:
    1. do not wear large beads;
    2. choose a top with a light or large print (blouses, dresses, shirts);
    3. unbutton the top button;
    4. prefer layering in the bust area (flounces, flounces, scarves);
    5. emphasize life.

Important tips and tricks for breast augmentation

A good result is provided by a combination of techniques, but not by an overabundance. Therefore, in the pursuit of beauty and the desire to non-operationally increase the splendor of the bust, one must "be friends" with common sense. It is also important to increase control over general health:

  • Do not take medications without professional advice. If the doctor has approved and the woman has decided to take them, then it is necessary to periodically undergo a routine examination.
  • Applying funds to the chest area should not cause discomfort. Even a mild allergic reaction indicates the need to immediately stop using the drug.
  • Exercise shouldn't overload the heart.

Scar-free breast augmentation and major surgery is entirely possible if you don't expect unrealistic results. In any case, it is important to consult with your doctor before using any drug or product.